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Bury St Edmunds serves as the focal point for the health needs of the surrounding village communities, as well as for the citizens of the town itself. As such, it is well served with a number of doctors' surgeries, dental surgeries and complimentary practitioners. In addition, the West Suffolk Hospital, which is the second largest hospital in the county, provides comprehensive healthcare service for the local community.

West Suffolk Hospital

As well as the West Suffolk, where the full range of primary healthcare necessary for the area is available, there is a private hospital, St Edmunds, and a number of local health-related support groups based in the town. In short, the health sector in Bury St Edmunds is broad enough to meet all needs other than the highly specialised, where transfer to Cambridge or to London would be necessary.

There are numerous health related resources on the Internet, and a visit to the Health listing on Yahoo is a good starting point. DocNet is a valuable resource that contains information, journal articles and discussion groups on family medicine and general practise.